Always Visible

About Us

As a startup graduated from Founder Institute, the business incubator from Silicon Valley USA, Eloku is now starting to play in cloud computing domain to enable logistics and express delivery companies by building partnership within Indonesian market. Our mission to be a supporting player for logistics industry aiming to strengthen logistics ecosystem become modern, efficient and effective. It will impact to economic growth, since economic growth is alone determined by the way that country’s logistics system.

Eloku provides a complete solution for logistics carriers or express delivery company, through cloud computing that create transparent and visibility solution to allows consumers ability to track the location of their goods in real time basis. This solution is also to create and add value for small and medium express and logistics companies competing with global companies in the same industry without spending a large IT investment. Eloku also presents other strategic innovative features such as geotagging, photos capture at any location and retrieval checkpoint data.

Our passion is to create Indonesia’s shipping and logistics ecosystem that modern, transparent and efficient. With our genuine innovative idea we also want to support e-commerce fulfillment process more visible and exciting.